Hike to the Great Peak of the Volcano

Climbing to the highest peak in Cape Verde, at a height of 2,829 meters, Here you can admire a complete view of the Caldeiras tea and the size of the successive eruptions

Pico do Fogo

The Pico do Fogo volcano dominates the entire island and obviously it is a must when visiting Fogo island, Cape Verde. Where as the coast of Fogo island is very fertile and with lush green vegetation, the immediate surroundings of the volcano are deep black and either composed of lava or sand. The moonscape and colossal shape of the Pico do Fogo will impact you from the first moment you spot it. The contorted lavaflows will let you feel very, very tiny.

Chã Das Caldeiras Home

some people re-built their homes on the lava covering their former homes In that sense, Chã das Caldeiras is a very special experience, even only to roam around and spot thy typical round houses.

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