2014 Crater Hiking

Walk to the Crater formed by the 2014 eruption. This is the opportunity to take a walk around the most recent Crater in Caldeira and see the destruction caused by the locality, while observing the contrasts of colors between vegetation and lava.

Hikes to the Volcano

Hikes to the volcano usually start very early (5am) as there is no shape during the entire trail. The hikes can even be done my beginner / medium hikers. It takes about 3-4 hours to get up to the top and only 30min to get down. It is great fun to run down in the volcanic sand.

Volcanic Eruption in 2014

The village has been totally destroyed during the last volcanic eruption in 2014. However the locals have a very strong connection to this very unique place.They came back and re-built the village from scratch.