Connect to our communities, their local culture, folklore and diversity.

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Meet Our Communities and Their Projects

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Ribeira Funda,

Ribeira Funda located in espargus, Sal Island, is one of the oldest localities, famous for its busy and frenetic socio-cultural life. characterized by family homes, sports area, artists and musicians.


Chã das Caldeiras

Chã das Caldeiras is a small community located in the crater of the volcano, pico do Fogo, Cape Verde.


São Martinho Grande

It stands out for its historical value, serving as a strategic point for commercial aviation between Europe and South America.


Porto Mosquito

Is a settlement in the southern part of the island of Santiago, Cape Verde. It is situated on the south coast, 10 km northwest of Cidade Velha.


Cidade Velha

The so-called Ribeira Grande was founded in 1462 on the island of Santiago being the first city of Cape Verde.


Pico Leão

A village between mountains, with green valleys, fresh mountain water, perfect for rural tourism.


How it Works

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Explore our experiences, communities and projects that best matches your interests.


Select the experience, the date and we will host you at the community where everything happens


You can reserve 1 or more experiences and pay for them separaretly. We accept Visa and Mastercard.

Our Mission

LampHope is a social business that connects communities with tourists with purposes aligned with social, environmental and sustainable development of these communities.
25% of the price of our experiences goes to support our communities.


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