Enjoy the natural, cultural and local folklore whilst contributing to the development of our communities.

Visit Fogo Island

Meet the only Island of West Africa with an active volcano(last active 2014)

Geological Wonders

Explore our local underwater caves, ancient trees and the Santa Clara Mountain.

Sea Tours

Enjoy a 2-hour all-inclusive dive and discover the rich marine fauna and flora of the Cape Verde Islands.


The village is named a tarrafal plant, Tamarix senegalensis (tarrafal senegalěs). The village of Tarrafal has one of the few white sand beaches on the island, and certainly the most paradisiacal in the archipelago, in a bay surrounded by coconut trees, north of the villa this point named Preta or Fazenda with lighthouse and northeast is Monte Graciosa.

Visit Cidade Velha

Cidade Velha was founded in 1462 on the island of Santiago being the first city in Cape Verde. Discover the pillory, the cathedral and other attractions of the world heritage site.

Maio island

The island of Maio is known for its beautiful white sand beaches, peace, tranquility and tranquility are the entrance card on this island, the city of Porto Inglês, the largest urban center on the island and also home to the largest sea beach on the island, as well au its saline side of the English Port. Ilha do Maio, which is a world Biodiversity reserve, has identified 7 protected areas, 3 natural passages, 1 natural park and 3 nature reserve.