Visit Fogo

Meet the only Island with active Volcano in West Africa. Fogo Island is fascinating because, in addition to its volcano has a contrast of natural landscapes and original natural places. This rich excursion exposes natural curiosity and historical narratives.

More Experiences

Find bellow more tailored experiences towards Hiking, the natura parka and the Volcano.

Hike to the Great Peak of the Volcano

Climbing to the highest peak in Cape Verde, at a height of 2,829 meters, Here you can admire a complete view of the Caldeiras tea and the size of the successive eruptions.Our guide is highly recommended, not only for safety reasons, but also to enrich your experience. During your hike, he will provide you with plenty of information, and you will be able to find out first-hand what it’s like to have experienced a volcanic eruption and its consequences.

Hiking to Mosteiro passing throught to Monte Velha Forest

On this hiking you will see the beautiful natural landscape and varied colors directly with nature, you will discover the microclimate of Fogo.

2014 Crater Hiking

Walk to the Crater formed by the 2014 eruption. This is the opportunity to take a walk around the most recent Crater in Caldeira and see the destruction caused by the locality, while observing the contrasts of colors between vegetation and lava. Also,walk through places where you can see the hot lava and you can smell the sulphur.

Via Ferrata

This is the first via ferrata installation in Cape Verde, supported by steel cable, gradually ascending along the rock face of the Bordeira mountain.