Explore the country side

Discover the thrills along the landscape and enjoy large monuments along a long walk.


Pico Leao - Assomada

A great hiking, pico leão to assomada, Passing through the Achada Mula plateau, more than 2 hours of walking, with a gentle breeze that descends down the slope of pico d'antónia

Rui Vaz - Pico Leao

2 hours route (20 KM) hiking from Rui Vaz to Pico Leão, passing to the forest paths and feel the mountain breeze of Monte tchota, a mountain located in the central part of Santiago Island, its elevation is 1,041m part of the serra do pico de Antónia, natural Park.

Park Serra Malaguete

Park Serra Malagueta Cape Verde - Santiago island The Serra da Malagueta Mountains is located in the northwest of Santiago. The highest mountain is Mount Malagueta, which is 1064 m high. There is a protected reservation, or rather a park called “Parque Natural da Serra da Malagueta”, which has an area of almost 774 hectares. The area is well-known for its rich vegetation! Serra da Malagueta is definitely worth a visit, especially in winter. During this season you can see the beautiful surrounding area and even the ocean right from the mountain.

Santa Clara Valley

Ribeira de Santa Clara The Ribeira de Santa Clara, as its name implies, is in the Santa Clara area. It is a cannon-shaped valley, about 8 km long, the highest point of which reaches 550 m in altitude. Ribeira de Santa Clara, in the terminal sector, has a U-shaped bottom, with abrupt slopes. Being inside the valley you have the feeling of being completely isolated from the rest of the world. Still, there is the occurrence of a vegetation cover at the bottom of the valley, which in the context of the aridity where it is inserted constitute authentic oases. (Walking)

Santa Clara Mountain Range

A geomorphological heritage located in the Sebora de Santa Clara stream northeast of the municipality, consisting essentially of basaltic rocks which is unique for its scenic beauty.


A sacred and medicinal tree, located in the city center, from tropical and subtroprical West Africa, imposes its grandeur on the landscape, well known for its gastronomic value.

Santana's Valley

At 400 and 500 meters altitude with some attractive elements, discover a verdant landscape, a gallery showing the water to the logo of the year, a sugar cane food agricultural activity