Explore Cidade Velha

Get to know the World Heritage Site and the stories and charms hidden in each experience.


The pillory is still in good condition and represents a part of the history of slavery.

Banana's Street

A trace of the original architecture of the 15th century, with its whitewashed houses and thatched roofs, from this street you can enjoy the vegetation along Ribeira Grande.

Royal Fortress

The São Felipe Fortress is located at the entrance of the city, a building with walled structures, easily accessible, its surrounding area is a true viewpoint.

Se Cathedral

The first cathedral built in the West African coast in 1556 on the initiative of Friar Francisco da Cruz, in a privileged position, facing the ocean.

Nossa Senhora de Rosário's Church

One of the examples of sub-Saharan Gothic architecture, Manueline style the founding element of this building, built in honor of Our Lady of Rosario patron saint of black men.

São Roque Chapel

A historical heritage located in the upper part of the city near Fortaleza Real, A small building that is in good condition.