Lamp Hope Connecting communities with tourism with purpose.


We offer unique local and rural experiences that allow our communities to monetize their local culture and folklore and diversify the local economy to mitigate challenging circumstances


Lamp Hope offers communities a unique financing platform through community tourism and objectives aligned with sustainable community development, empowering people to continue to live wherever they want..

Local Projects

Helping the community to take control of their lives and well-being, our projects aim to reduce climate impact, improve the quality of life for communities.

25% of the price of our experiences goes to support our communities

Sea Tours (Diving, Beaches and Boat Riding)

Enjoy white sandy beaches, a 2-hour all-inclusive dive and discover the rich marine fauna and flora of the Cape Verde Islands, and try to search for possible ancient objects resulting from shipwrecks.

Geological Wonders

Explore our local underwater caves, ancient trees and the Santa Clara Mountain.

Visit Cidade Velha

Cidade Velha was founded in 1462 on the island of Santiago being the first city in Cape Verde. Discover the pillory, the cathedral and other attractions of the world heritage site.

Visit Fogo Island

Meet the only Island with active Volcano in West Africa The island Fogo is fascinating because, in addition to its volcano, it has a contrast of natural landscapes and original natural places. This rich excursion natural curiosity and historical narratives.


The village of Tarrafal has one of the few white sand beaches on the island, and certainly the most paradisiacal in the archipelago, in a bay surrounded by coconut trees, north of the villa this point named Preta or Fazenda with lighthouse and northeast is Monte Graciosa. - Turismo com propósito - Turismo com propósito
Sao Martinho Grande, Praia

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